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Welcome to Best FiveM Servers, the home for the best FiveM servers on the net. We scoured countless websites, forums, and server directories to find the best FiveM servers online. After a few months, our website grew into a FiveM server voting directory where users could add servers and vote for their favorites that would then be moved to the top of the list. As much as we loved the site and the exposure we were giving small servers, we decided that it would be best to sell the site to a new owner as we longer had the free time necessary to maintain it. The new owner has decided to pivot and turn Best FiveM Servers into an internet marketing blog. Now you can find the best articles and information about email marketing, autoresponders, SEO, content marketing, etc etc

In the future, we may choose to select the best FiveM server and add the information to our sidebar. 

About Best FiveM Servers