Owner Oblixion
Status offline
Website https://edge-gamers.com/join
Discord https://discord.gg/2uwsYcu
Players 5/32
Map SeriousRP
Version Version 3.0
Rank 37
Votes 1
Uptime 99.9%
Last Check 22 second(s) ago
Country United States
Types Public

EdgeGamers https://www.edge-gamers.com/join/

Direct Connect
TeamSpeak ts.edgegamers.com

Who We Are

This clan’s foundation rests on honor, loyalty, and integrity. There is a heavy emphasis on maturity, fair play, helping others and having a fun and competitive gaming experience that all can enjoy. Because of this, eGO has attracted the most dedicated members and experienced administrators in the gaming world. eGO has become a place where each admin can and does make a difference. No matter what real life brings, in the world of eGO, you are valued and counted on to help make things right.

What We Offer?
We offer many positions for the departments and jobs that we have.

* Law Enforcement
* Civilian
* Fire/EMS
* Mechanics
* Taxi/Uber/Airlines
* Car Dealership

Some of the many features that we offer are,

* CAD/MDT System
* Custom Department Vehicles
* Custom Department Uniforms
* Player owned businesses
* Weapons & Attachments
* Realistic Car Speeds
* Traffic Stop Script
* Taxi Script
* Many Whitelisted and Non-Whitelisted Jobs
* Add-on Cars
* Many More

Our requirements to play:
1. A copy of GTAV
2. Be willing to use TeamSpeak3 and Discord
3. Be able to speak conversational English
4. Be able to follow eGO Rules and Guidelines

Interested In Joining?
To apply, please visit our website below!

EdgeGamers Website https://www.edge-gamers.com/join/
For additional help, check out this link! www.edge-gamers.com/gtahelp