♠ Lavish Lifestyle ♠
Owner IvNet
Status offline
Website http://thelavishlifestyle.com
Discord http://discord.io/LavishRP
Players 0/30
Version Version 2.0
Rank 24
Votes 4
Uptime 99.9%
Last Check 4 minute(s) ago
Country United States
Types Whitelisted

Introduction: Welcome to Lavish Lifestyle! Start grinding for that money, anyway possible! We have many money making and spending opportunities for everyone! Lavish Lifestyle is all about making money, buying cars, and having a good time. A variety of realistic cars to choose from, pick your favorite. Get a job, meet people, and work for a living; or alternatively sell drugs, mug AIs, gamble at the casino, deliver illegal cargo, rob stores and armored bank cars, and more! Just don’t get caught!

We are recruiting for all positions!
- Mechanics/Car Sellers
- Police
- Highway Patrol

Direct Connect Address: lavish.ddns.net
Discord: http://discord.io/LavishRP
Website/CAD: http://thelavishlifestyle.com